Innovative Layout

Midships helm position and clever packaging maximise secure and comfortable seating for between 7 and 11 persons. The ergonomic helm allows for both a seated and standing driving position, and a bimini sun shade protects occupants during longer trips away from the parent yacht.

High Performance Diesel Power

All Dieseljet models are powered by Yanmar’s well proven 4 and 6 cylinder engines from 110HP to 260HP. Impressive torque transmitted through the Williams 220mm axial flow jet pump deals effortlessly with heavy loads and waterskiing duties.

Safe Operation

All Dieseljets use water jet propulsion which means that there are no exposed propellers. This feature greatly enhances boating safety when in close proximity to people in the water, especially when combined with the Dieseljets excellent low speed manoeuvrability.

Bespoke Options

From custom coloured finishes and fabrics, to electronic navigation equipment and practical weather protection, a Williams Dieseljet can be created which is visually unique and specified exactly to an owner’s wishes.