Sports Layout

The unique Sportjet layout offers comfortable seating, plenty of deck space and a practical spacious bathing platform. An area for sunbathing is created by folding the backrest forward, and a removable ski pole is situated in the optimum position in the boat.

High Performance Engine

All Sportjet models are powered by the industry leading Rotax 4-TEC 150 Jet Propulsion System. Impressive acceleration and top speed are signatures of this engine and drive system, add to this the global servicing and spare parts availability and you have an unbeatable package ready to power your fun.

Safe Operation

Jet power means no exposed propeller, so safety is built in for operation around swimmers or waterskiiers. The large bathing platform becomes an area for safely swimming and diving from, aided by the concealed bathing ladder and convenient stainless steel handles.

Four Exciting Colour Schemes

Williams have assembled four colour schemes to choose from: Electro Blue, Lava Red, Neptune Grey, and Basalt Black. Each is complimented by colour coded Milan upholstery fabrics, tailored for comfort and security.